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Sergio Ordonez Suanez
Salvador Dali 24, 2-2
29620 Torremolinos (Spain)

Featured Web Design Projects

Keno Kingdom

Startup Alley

Pixlwise was developed to educate adults through a videogame platform, a stronger and simpler approach built for understanding.

I have been working for Pixlwise as art director for more than a year now, I'm in charge of the art department doing almost everything that you can imagine: UI, illustration work, character design, branding, icon design, graphic design...

Keno Kingdom


France Chilican Inc.

Clean and simple web design for Chilican, gaming company with a focus on advertising. The biggest challenge was finding the right balance between illustration and design in order to accomplish the client's goal: to create a businesslike but amusing universe.

Keno Kingdom

keno Kingdom

Really fun, easy and nice project. Vector style background illustration, nice illustrative logo and awesome UI design. I really enjoyed this project, it's one of my prefered designs all the time. It's great how much creative freedom Fly Cow gave me, I love this kind of projects.

Blood Crave

Blood Crave

USA Booty Games

I take this game like a personal project, I spent lot of hours on the illustration in order to get the right feeling, the lightning was especially challening on this piece. Finally 1 year later I finished this design but unfortunately I'm not really sure if this game will be ever published... :(


Pokermania Gmbh

Germany Pokermania

Pokermania is a b2b casual poker provider offering a play money based business model. Their user-friendly poker client provides customers the opportunity to launch their own fully branded, customizable casual poker rooms that support multiple languages and currencies.

I moved to Cologne where I'm currently living, spending 50% of my time on their commercial projects. Nice people, big clients, creative freedom... after 1 year of cooperation I can say that Pokermania is the perfect partner.

Dead cow

Dead Cow

France Dead cow

"Deadcow" is Mat's official business-name, a web-developer who hired me for a redesign of his portfolio that makes a single page in summary. It's about a simple and clean design, and due to the extraordinary concept, it's fun aswell.

Booty Gaming

Booty Gaming

USA Botty Gaming Inc.

This project started as a simple order, but later became into an stable proffessional relationship. My experience creating MMORPGs catched the attention of this North American company.

I was hired to develop their net of games, as well as their web page and corporative image.

Booty Gaming


USA Enigma Consulting

One of the most ambitious projects I have worked in: Discount'd is a web that offers discounts, coupons, comparison shopping and reviews of countless products.

For a whole year, my job consisted of creating the graphic design of the web, working together with the layout and programming team.

Booty Gaming


Netherland Amazium bvba

Amazium bvba is a small IT & Management consultancy company, specialized in development, project management and team leading in e-commerce project teams.

The challenge was to create a funny but professional web, which transmitted the proper message through the main illustration. Many corrections were required, but the result was worth the effort.


Booty Gaming

Eternal Souls

Australia S3 Studios

Web design for Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Illustrative web design, with epic theme. Still in progress.

Booty Gaming


USA Truelight Media

I love to redesign MMORPG sites with some years on their backs. Rescreatu had a vast and stable user base, plenty of good quality content and a pretty nice design. But they also had a big problem: Their site was difficult to navigate.

Improved usability and a more attractive design for the target user.

Booty Gaming

Pirate Omen

USA Booty Gaming

MMORPG with pirate theme which uses the newest technology to create a really good game experience.

Very complex design technically, due to the amount of illustrative elements it contains. A layout that tells its own story.

Booty Gaming

Silent Vendetta

USA Booty Gaming

Silent Vendetta is another MMORPG with street theme. Property of Booty Gaming, it's still in progress.

Layout and functionalities similar to the rest of MMORPG of this kind.

Booty Gaming

Savious Cash

Australia Creditworld

Web template I created some time ago for a financial website.

Clean and simple design, blog style.

Booty Gaming

Music Battle

USA Music Battle

Another MMORPG that I designed some time ago, this time with a DJ theme.

Booty Gaming

Cam Holdem

United Kingdom Cam Holdem

Poker website.

This time I only worked on the graphic appearance of the web. I love the navigation bar with all those characters on it.

Booty Gaming

Prison Struggle

USA Prison Struggle

This is the first MMORPG that I ever designed, a few years after its release it still kept fresh.

This one was quite challenging due to the mix of styles, in one hand I wanted something cartoonish but sorrounded by realistic textures.

I just love it.