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Sergio Ordonez Suanez
Salvador Dali 24, 2-2
29620 Torremolinos (Spain)


Which programs should I use to design?

My favourite program is Photoshop, I use it basically for everything. Only when I need vectorial design, I resort to Illustrator. For web design I use Dreamweaver.

Which hardware should I use to design?

You don't need a very expensive computer to design. I'm using a mid-range Asus N50V laptop from 2008, with the next specifications:

There's something really essential if you want to dedicate to illustration: A Wacom tablet. I'm using a Wacom Cintiq 21 UX and an Intuos 2 A6 that I use when I'm on a trip. Even though, you can find pen tablets from 50US$.

Visit this link if you want to find out which is the tablet that better fits your needs.

Which tablet is the most suitable for me?

It depends on the use you are going to give it, the subject you're going to work on, your experience and your budget; I highly recommend to read my guide to choose your first pen tablet.

How can I learn to design or draw?

There's just one answer and you already know it... practicing.

If you're interested in learning my design and illustration techniques, I advise you to susbscribe to my blog and follow me in Facebook, Twitter or YOUTube, since I usually share tutorials, exercises and resources for free, as well as answering to all your questions. If you also want to contribute to my work, you can buy a premium tutorial.

How to get such clean lines as yours?

All you need is default brushes in Photoshop, a Wacom tablet and lots of practice. In this video I give you some tips:



What do I need to earn a living with my designs?

It's basic to have a big passion for design, as well as:

Do I need a university degree?

No formal education is required to live on design, however it provides you a good grounding in design that will help you when it comes to take decisions.

Self-teaching is possible, but you will be advancing slower and leaving some gaps; on the other hand you will be able to focus on the specific subjects of your interest.

Each type of training has its advantages and disadvantages.

How do I get clients?

Spend time improving your skills as a designer, create a good web page and then catch the public's attention - always keeping good manners - in every social network and art communities you know.

In my blog I usually post articles about freelancing.

How much do I charge for my designs?

This is a question that you must answer yourself. Maybe you can't answer it right now, but time will give you the answer.

If you have no demand your designs costs absolutely nothing, my advise is: Start working cheap giving good quality service. As your demand increases, your prices will rise too.

I usually post articles about freelancing in my blog.

May I work with you?

In some special occasions, when some specific artist can contribute to the success of the project, I usually do team work.

Please, don't send me your curriculum vitae. The best way of catching my attention is posting in my Facebook wall, if you're good, any day you could receive an e-mail from SOSFactory requiring your services.

Could you please review my designs?

Of course, just use my Facebook wall, this way other users will give their opinions too, and take advantage of your questions.


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